You can use TFS_SCM as an artifact source for a component. TFS_SCM is a Microsoft extension for TFS, Source Control Explorer.

To use the TFS_SCM source configuration type (SCT), select TFS_SCM from the Source Config Type list and specify its properties. For details about creating components, see Create components.

Note: This brings your source-controlled artifacts from TFS into Deployment Automation. To bring TFS build artifacts into Deployment Automation, see TFS SCT.

TFS_SCM SCT settings

The following table describes the properties specific to the TFS_SCM source configuration type:

Field Description
TFS URL Specify the TFS Repository URL.
User Specify a username if you need to use different credentials than the ones used for the Deployment Automation process.
Password Specify a password if you specified a username.
tf.exe Path tf.exe client executable. Enter the full path if necessary.
Workspace Enter the name of the TFS workspace to use. It is created if it does not exist.
Server Folder The TFS server folder to load.
Local Folder The local folder of the workspace.
Preserve Execute Permissions (Optional) Select this option to save file execute permissions along with the files.

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