AnthillPro SCT

You can use IBM AnthillPro as an artifact source. IBM AnthillPro combines continuous integration with automated deployments and test orchestration to create a continuous delivery pipeline.

To set AnthillPro as an artifact source for a component, select AnthillPro from the Source Config Type list and specify its properties. For details about creating components, see Create components.

AnthillPro SCT settings

The following table describes the properties specific to the AnthillPro source configuration type:

Field Description
AnthillPro URL AnthillPro Repository URL.
User AnthillPro username.
Password Password for the specified username.
Project Name of the project in Anthill.
Workflow Name of the workflow in Anthill from which to import builds.
Status Only builds with this status are imported.
Artifact Sets

A new-line separated list of artifact sets to resolve from Anthill when Copy to CodeStation is enabled.

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