Configure the integration files

Before you can use the integration to ChangeMan ZMF, configure additional files on the application server.

To configure the integration files:

  1. Download the Deployment Automation plugin bundle from the Software Licensing and Downloads portal (requires login).
  2. Extract the ChangeMan ZMF zip file from the bundle.
  3. Copy the zmf-core-CURRENT.jar from the ChangeMan ZMF zip file to the Deployment Automation Common Tomcat location:

    1. In the ChangeMan ZMF zip file, navigate to the lib directory.

    2. Copy the zmf-core-CURRENT.jar file from the zip file to the Common Tomcat's lib directory, for example:


  4. Open the web.xml file in the Common Tomcat's WEB-INF directory, for example:


  5. In the web.xml file, add the following code before the </web-app> tag:

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  6. Save the changes.
  7. Restart Common Tomcat.

Proceed with configuring the integration, as described in Set up integration with ChangeMan ZMF.

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