What's new in Digital Lab (UFT Mobile) 2021 R2

The new features and enhancements included in Digital Lab version 2021 R2 are described below.

Note: The Help Centers for Digital Lab 2021, Digital Lab 2021 R1 and Digital Lab 2021 R2 versions are streamlined into a single Help Center. Any version specific changes are indicated where relevant.

To view features and enhancements for Digital Lab 2021 and Digital Lab 2021 R1, see What's new in Digital Lab (UFT Mobile) 2021 and What's new in Digital Lab (UFT Mobile)2021 R1.

Improved Lab screens

The Devices, Apps, and Reservations screens of the lab were improved and provide an enhanced user experience and additional functionality. For details, see Manage devices and Manage apps.

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Simulations for Appium

You can now use UFT Mobile simulations (biometric, photo, barcode, QR) with Appium. Use the installPackagedApp capability when using simulations in your Appium tests. For more details, Digital Lab Appium Capabilities and Appium simulations.

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iOS Simulator support (Tech preview)

Now you can connect your iOS simulators to UFT Mobile. This enables you to use simulated devices to perform basic testing of your app. You can also open a simulated device remotely from the lab. For details, see iOS simulator (Tech preview).

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Appium v2 support

UFT Mobile now also has an embedded Appium v2 server. Use the appiumVersion capability to run Appium v2 tests. For details, see Digital Lab Appium Capabilities.

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Appium v1 upgrade

The embedded Appium v1 server was upgraded to v1.22.2.

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