iOS simulator (Tech preview)

You can connect your iOS simulators to Digital Lab. This enables you to use simulated devices to perform basic testing of your app. You can also open a simulated device remotely from the lab.

When using Simulator with Digital Lab, the Agents apps do not need to be code-signed with an Apple Developer certificate.

To connect an iOS simulator to the mobile lab:

  1. Make sure that you have Xcode installed on your Mac machine.

  2. Install the Digital Lab connector for Mac. For details see, Install the connector on a Mac machine. During installation, use your current Mac user instead of creating a new dl user.

  3. Launch Simulator and select a predefined simulator, or create a new simulator by specifying an iOS version and device type. Important: Simulator is supported only for iOS 13 and later.

    Tip: In Xcode > Preferences, click the Components tab to install additional iOS simulator runtimes.

  4. The Agent apps are automatically installed on the device. After the Agent apps are launched, the device is connected to Digital Lab. You can open the device remotely from the lab and perform basic testing of your app.

  • iOS simulator is supported only for iOS 13 and later.

  • Only non-packaged apps are supported.

  • Xcode Simulator does not support installation of .ipa files. Therefore, apps need to be installed directly on the simulated device. Apps cannot be installed on the device from the Digital Lab mobile lab.

  • Restart device in the More > Actions tab is not supported

  • In the device access panel, audio streaming, simulations, and device info are not supported.