What's New in Mobile Center 2.20

Mobile Center 2.20 includes a number of new features, enhancements, and fixes.

Patches, content packs, and updates

The following content pack is available for Mobile Center 2.20:

Update Functionality provided
Mobile Center 2.20 Content Pack for iOS

Support for iOS 10.3.

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Exploratory testing

You can now perform basic exploratory testing for bugs without a testing tool. Conduct ad-hoc testing by interacting with the device from the Lab Management console: 

  • Install an app on the device
  • Perform actions and use camera and video simulation
  • Take snapshots

Exploratory testing is also available when interacting with a device using one of testing tools. When connecting with a testing tool, you can also download logs.

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Photo and video simulation

Camera sensor simulation is supported for packaged iOS and Android apps (UFT and Sprinter only.) Now you can test apps that use a photo or video taken by the device's camera as part of the flow, for example mobile banking apps where customers take a photo of a check when making a deposit into their banking accounts.

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Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

Mobile Center 2.20 introduces support for LDAP. The administrator no longer needs to add users to the list of authorized Mobile Center users. Individuals in organizations that use LDAP to manage user credentials and permissions, can now access and use Mobile Center with their LDAP credentials. For details, see Use Digital Lab with LDAP.

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Mobile Center's licensing has been restructured to provide more flexibility. Whether you require basic manual testing on one device, or advanced functionality and concurrent access to multiple devices, you can choose the license that best suits your testing needs. For more details, see Digital Lab licenses.

Important: Existing license keys do not work with Mobile Center 2.20. Before upgrading or installing Mobile Center 2.20, existing customers with active support contracts can use the Software Licenses and Downloads portal to check for available software updates for Mobile Center 2.20, and to obtain the new license key required.

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Stabilization and support

  • Support for iOS 10.2.1.
  • Certification of additional devices. See supported devices for a complete list of certified devices.
  • Multi-language support: Italian and Spanish are now supported for device OS, and in the Mobile Center user interface.
  • Customer enhancement requests and various other fixes.

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Sprinter 14.00 - Interactive testing

Sprinter integration with Mobile Center 2.20 includes support for:

  • Manage devices
  • Sensor (camera and video) simulation
  • iframe support for native browsers

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Performance Testing

For the TruClient integration, the following features were added:

  • General support for Mobile Center 2.20
  • Support for the Device Control Panel's Take screenshot option.

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Network Virtualization 9.12

The integration with Network Virtualization 9.12 introduces:

  • An enhanced Analytics report
  • Updated network profiles

For more details on Network Virtualization, see the Network Virtualization Help Center.

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