What's New in Mobile Center 2.51

Mobile Center 2.51 includes a number of new features, enhancements, and fixes.

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Application management improvements

The version and build number are now displayed for apps.

You can also choose between a selecting a specific upload for testing, or the latest upload of an app. This is useful for continuous integration flows where you may want to always run your test on the latest uploaded app, and not on a specific upload.

For details, see Manage apps.

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Application validation

Mobile Center now automatically disables the selection of an app that will fail to install on a device:

  • Mismatch with device OS. For example, selecting an Android app to install on an iOS device.
  • iOS apps signed with a development certificate that are not provisioned to be installed on a specific device.

You now also won't be able to upload App Store apps to Mobile Center. However, you can still record and replay tests on unpackaged App Store certified apps, by downloading them directly from the App Store onto the device.

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Direct link to a lab device

The device information Details tab now also includes a URL link, for easy access to the device. This enables you to send a link so that others can remotely access a specific device directly, without having to manually navigate to the device in the Device Tab of the Lab Management console.

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Record and replay enhancements

  • Object recognition enhancements for Android native apps. Enhanced support for run-time properties of mobile objects and mobile identifiers. Properties previously supported only for packaged apps, such as isChecked, are now supported when testing non-packaged apps.
  • Simulation of GPS location (iOS). You can now simulate a location when testing an iOS app using the testing tools.
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Enterprise readiness - audit log

An audit log is now included in the log files available for download by the administrator. This log details system and user activities such as:

  • Login and logout
  • User management
  • Running jobs on devices
  • Packaging (instrumentation) of apps
  • Connector, device registration

For details see, Viewing system information and logs.

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Micro Focus software integrations

We've added support for the latest releases including:

  • UFT 14.01, UFT 14.0, and UFT 12.54 Patch 3.
  • UFT Pro (LeanFT) 14.01
  • LoadRunner/ TruClient/ Performance Center 12.55
  • Mobile Center extension for ALM 12.55, 12.53 Patch 2, and 12.21 Patch 5
  • Sprinter 14.01

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Our Mobile Center API now supports reservations requests:

  • Create a reservation for a device based on capabilities.
  • Delete a device reservation.
  • Get a specific device reservation.
  • Get all device reservations.

For details, see REST API reference for Digital Lab.

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Stabilization and support

  • Support for iOS 11.
  • Support for Android O Beta.
  • Certification of additional devices. See supported devices for a complete list of supported and certified devices.
  • Customer enhancement requests, including record and replay quality enhancements, and various other fixes.
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Interactive testing with Sprinter

For the Sprinter integration, we've added the following features:

  • General support for Mobile Center 2.51.
  • Mobile device information added to Description field when submitting smart defects.

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