What's New in Mobile Center 2.53

Mobile Center 2.53 includes a number of new features, enhancements, and fixes.

Supported integrations

  • New supported integration with Silk! Now you can test your mobile apps using Mobile Center with Silk 18.5. For details see, Silk integration.
  • UFT 14.02
  • UFT Pro 14.02
  • Sprinter 14.02

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Additional enhancements

Mobile Center 2.53 includes the following enhancements:

GPS simulation GPS simulation is now also supported for exploratory testing. For details see, Device access window.
Record and replay Enhanced support for run-time properties of mobile objects and mobile identifiers for iOS apps. Properties previously supported only for Android, such as isChecked, are now supported when testing non-packaged iOS apps. For details, see the Mobile section of the UFT One Object Model Reference for GUI Testing.
Also, when spying on a mobile object in a non-packaged iOS app, container and index properties are now returned.
Installation By default, the Mobile Center server is now configured to work with a secure connection using HTTPS. This simplifies the configuration process.
Filter (devices) With the new Clear Filter button, you can clear all filter selections for devices in one click.
Button press durations

You can control how long to press on a button on a device. These long press durations are only supported for Turn off, Volume up and Down, the Home button, or additional custom physical buttons on the device (Supported in UFT Pro only, for details see the sendKey method in the SDK reference.)

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Stabilization and support

  • Support for iOS 11.2 including beta versions.
  • Support for Android 8.0 (Oreo)
  • Certification of additional devices. See supported devices for a complete list of supported and certified devices.
  • Customer enhancement requests, including record and replay quality enhancements, and various other fixes.

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