What's New in Mobile Center 2.80

Mobile Center 2.80 includes a number of new features, enhancements, and fixes.


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3 Tier deployment

Enhance your Mobile Center deployment by using an external PostgreSQL database. Mobile Center's extended deployment options now give you the flexibility to choose to install Mobile Center using the PostgreSQL database included in the installation package, or to manage and utilize existing database resources by connecting to an external PostgreSQL database.

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License quota allocation

Manage resource consumption by allocating workspace quotas for concurrent device usage. This enables you to prevent workspaces from consuming each other's license resources, whilst also providing the flexibility to allow a workspace to consume more at peak times. For more details, see License quotas overview.

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Face ID simulation

We've enhanced our authentication simulations to include Face ID for iOS devices. Using this simulation option, you can now test apps that include Face ID as part of the flow, without needing access to the physical device. For details, see Fingerprint and Face ID simulation.

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Customize user permissions

The Administration Settings menu now also allows you to define permissions for non-admin workspace users. Extend user role management by restricting key operations such as restarting and reconnecting devices, as well as uploading, installing, and deleting apps. For details, see Administration settings.

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Usage metrics

Gain a complete overview of your mobile lab usage. The Collect Data Usage option downloads a CSV file containing resource usage information, such as reservations, devices, and users. You determine the duration of the collection of data in the Administration settings menu. For details, see Viewing system information and logs.

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iOS packaging service per workspace

We've extended our automatic signing and distribution service to support setting up multiple Apple development certificates. Now, if needed, you can define a different development certificate for each workspace. You can also define a primary development certificate that will be used by default across all workspaces. For details, see App packaging and signing services.

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QR code and barcode simulation

You can now test packaged apps that use QR code or barcode scanning. Mobile Center enables you to easily simulate scanning a QR code or barcode, so you don't need access to the physical device to test such apps.

Using Mobile Center's QR code and barcode simulation, you specify the image to use instead of the actual scan of the device. When you perform simulation of a QR code, Mobile Center replaces the code scanned by the camera, with the selected file. For details, see QR code and barcode simulation.

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Ease of use

We've improved user experience with a new List view for displaying devices and apps, and for performing actions on a selected item. The List view is particularly useful for viewing a large number of items because more items can be displayed on the screen at one time. You can easily switch between the list and card views to display information in a way that best suits you.

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Support for Appium 1.8.0

We’re rolling out a newer version of Appium embedded in Mobile Center, including support for multiple sessions.

In addition, we've added support for the automationName capability for Android, making it easier for you to switch the UIAutomator driver (UIAutomator1 or UIAutomator2) when using automation on Android apps. For details, see Digital Lab Appium Capabilities.

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Technology updates

  • Support for the latest iOS version, including Apple public beta versions.

  • Support for Android 9.0 (replay only).
  • Certification of additional devices. See supported devices for a complete list of supported and certified devices.

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Sign and distribute iOS Agent apps

Mobile Center 2.80 now includes a Reconnect devices option in the connector details grid (DEVICE LAB > CONNECTORS). At the click of a button, you can now complete the distribution process and reconnect all devices connected to selected connectors.

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Supported integrations

Support for the latest releases of Micro Focus testing tools:

  • UFT 14.50
  • LeanFT 14.50
  • LoadRunner/ TruClient 12.60
  • Silk 18.5

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