What's new in Digital Lab(UFT Mobile) 3.5

Digital Lab 3.5 includes a number of new features, enhancements, and fixes.

What's new video

Watch the What's New video to learn about the new features included in Digital Lab 3.5.

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Smart defect

During a recorded manual test, submit a defect directly from UFT Mobile to Octane. Relevant details such as the steps performed, screenshots, and the device log are added automatically. For details, see Defect Tracking System integration, and Manual Testing.

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Flutter SDK

We've added record and replay support for Android and iOS apps built using the Google Flutter SDK. For more details, see Flutter SDK apps.

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Audio streaming for iOS

You can now hear audio from a remote iOS device on your PC during manual testing, and test functionality that requires audio validation. For details, see Device access window.

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LDAP groups

Digital Lab 3.5 introduces support for LDAP groups, to allow centralized, more efficient user management. The administrator can grant an LDAP group access to relevant devices and applications in the organization, without having to manage permissions for each user separately. When the administrator assigns one or more LDAP groups to a workspace, all the users included in these groups can access the workspace. For details, see Use Digital Lab with LDAP.

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ADM Consumption Token license

Digital Lab 3.5 supports the ADM Consumption Token license. Now you can use one license with multiple Micro Focus Application Delivery Management (ADM) products.

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Performance optimization

This release provides improved performance for large-scale deployments.

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Appium 1.18.3

The embedded Appium version was updated to 1.18.3.

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Manual testing enhancements

Now you can manually add steps to the step report, delete steps, and delete a screenshot for a step. The date and time that a step was performed is added after the step in the zip file, and in the defect. You can also record tests on Amazon Device Farm devices. For details, see Manual Testing.

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Device metrics

Tracking device metrics can assist you in detecting and analyzing issues with your apps. Additional device metrics are available in the Digital Lab wizard when using the latest version of UFT One (version 15.0.2): WiFi connection, WiFi signal strength, iOS thermal state, and available disk space. For details, see Digital Lab wizard.

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Usability improvements

For more convenient lab management, the Users tab is now removed. User management options are now incorporated in the Management tab, so that actions for managing the lab are now in one place. For details, see Lab and workspace management.

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The Digital Lab server installation options give you the flexibility to:

  • Install the UFTM server without the embedded connector.
  • Specify the folder for temporary files used by the Digital Lab service.

This release includes support for CentOS/RHEL version 8.

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Access keys

The administrator can now define the maximum duration of connector and execution keys according to the organization's security policies. If defined, users generating new keys need to set an expiration date within the allowed time period. For details, see Administration settings.

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Other updates and enhancements

Digital Lab 3.5 includes the following enhancements:

Device monitoring

We've made it easier to integrate Digital Lab with Prometheus by adding a new administration setting. In addition, we've added more metrics. For details, see Device monitoring.

LDAP Digital Lab LDAP support now includes using multiple LDAP servers.
ADF devices

You can now view the availability status of ADF devices from within Digital Lab. For details, see .

Logs We've added an option to collect Digital Lab log files for a specific machine and to prevent sensitive information from being included. For details, see Collect and sanitize Digital Lab logs.

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Supported integrations

Support for the latest releases of Micro Focus testing tools:

  • UFT One 15.0.2
  • UFT Developer 15.0.2
  • LoadRunner/ TruClient 2020 SP3
  • Silk 21

For What's New in mobile functional testing, see also the UFT One and UFT Developer help centers.
Note:  Some new features in the Digital Lab 23.4 release may require that you update to a specific version of a testing tool.

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Help Center Share button

The Help Center toolbar now includes a new Share page button :

You can share help topics on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or by email.

You can also copy the topic link to the clipboard and paste it in other applications.

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