Dimensions CM Git Client IDE Plug-ins 1.1 Release Notes

These release notes contain important information about Dimensions CM Git Client IDE plug-ins v1.1. Last updated August 21, 2019.

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About this Release

The Git Client IDE Plug-ins enable developers working with Git to access Dimensions CM from integrated development environments (IDEs). The IDEs execute Git commands that are redirected to the Git Client, which synchronizes the changes with a Dimensions CM repository.

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Supported IDEs

Git Client Plug-in 1.1 supports the following IDEs:


To use the Git Client IDE plug-ins, install your software in this order on the same machine:

  1. Install your IDEs.
  2. Install Git. Note that Microsoft Visual Studio has its own bundled installation of Git.
  3. Install the Dimensions CM Git Client.
  4. Install the Dimensions CM Git Client Plug-in.

You can download the Git Client and the plug-in from the Micro Focus support web site.

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