What's new

This topic lists the updates to the Git Client by version.

Version 2.3.1

Git Client 2.3.1 adds these new features:

  • Support for Git 2.26.

  • Preserves file permissions on Linux for push, clone, pull, and fetch.

  • Minor defect fixes.

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Version 2.3

Git Client 2.3 adds these new features:

  • The fetch command now supports these options: --depth, --deepen, --shallow-since, --unshallow.

    Note: Not supported by the pull command.

  • Support for Common Access Card (CAC) on Linux.

  • Topic streams owned by users are automatically cloned.
  • List local Git branches and the Dimensions CM streams they map to.

  • By default, newly pushed branches are topic streams.
  • Specify the topic requests to use when pushing branches.

Version 2.2

Git Client 2.2 adds these new features: