Creating new streams

You can create branches locally and push them as new streams to Dimensions CM. Streams created by the Git Client by default are topic streams, which use pull requests for reviewing and merging changes. For details about topic streams see the Dimensions CM user help. You can also create normal streams.

Continuing from the previous example, assume that you want to create a new branch from the mainline called feature2:

  1. Switch to the master branch:
  2. git checkout master
  3. Create the new local branch:
  4. git checkout -b feature2
  5. Make changes in the new local branch and commit them:
  6. git commit -m “made some changes in a new branch”
  7. (Optional, v2.3 and later) Specify the topic request to use when pushing the branch:
  8. git dm set topicrequest=QLARIUS_CR_26
  9. Push the new branch to Dimensions CM, which creates a new stream. You must push and set the upstream reference to the name of the new stream:
  10. git push --set-upstream origin feature2

This creates a new stream QLARIUS:FEATURE2 and delivers the changes to it. The streams in Dimensions CM now look like this: