Uninstalling the Git Client

This topic describes how to uninstall the Dimensions CM Git Client and clean up the installer repository.


Depending on your Windows version, use the Apps & features or Programs and Features control panel.

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Linux and Mac

Run the file Change Dimensions CM Git Client Installation located in:

“[installdir]/Git/_Dimensions CM Git Client_installation”

If there are spaces in the path, insert a backslash before each space, for example:

/opt/microfocus/git/_Dimensions\ CM\ Git\ Client_installation/Change\ Dimensions\ CM\ Git\ Client\ Installation

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Cleaning up the installer repository

  1. Open the installer repository .com.zerog.registry.xml file located in:
    • Windows: Program Files/Zero G Registry folder. This is a hidden folder that you need to make visible.
    • UNIX/Linux: § Root user - /var/ or § Non-root user - $HOME/
    • macOS Server: /library/preferences/
  2. Delete this section:
  3. <product name="Dimensions CM Git Client"....



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