Use requests

This topic describes how to use requests. You can:

  • Display your inbox requests for the current Dimensions CM stream.
  • Display all the requests in the current stream. This is useful when you want to start work on a request that is not in your inbox.
  • Open requests in PulseUno in a browser.
  • Set the working request for commits.

To use requests

  1. From the View menu select Tool Windows > Dimensions Explorer. The Dimensions Explorer view is displayed.
  2. Click the Requests tab. On this tab you can:
    • Search for requests.
    • Display your inbox requests.
    • Display stream requests.
    • Display all requests in the current stream.
  3. To open a request in PulseUno, select it, and click Open Request.
  4. To set the default request for commits, right-click it, and select Set Working Request. The request name is displayed in italics.

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