Create and push annotated tags

You can use the Git Client to:

  • Create annotated tags.
  • Push changes to Dimensions CM.
  • Create new changesets.
  • Create new baselines of streams.

Note: The user pushing the annotated tag requires the appropriate Dimensions CM privileges to create baselines.


  1. Clone a stream:
  2. git clone dimensions://cmserver/cm_typical@dim14/qlarius/java_brancha_str .
  3. Make changes to the code.
  4. Commit the changes and create an annotated tag called rel2.1:
  5. git commit –a –m “comment for my changes”
    git tag –a rel2.1 –m “ready for release”
  6. Push the annotated tag to Dimensions CM:
  7. git push origin rel2.1

The push command:

  • Delivers the code changes.
  • Creates a new Dimensions CM changeset.
  • Create a new baseline of the stream at that point in time.

The annotated tag name is used as the baseline identifier, for example: QLARIUS:REL2.1