What's new in the Git Client

This topic lists the updates to the Git Client by version.


The authentication methods for specifying CAC have changed to make them easier to use with HTTP and HTTPS. For details, see Git Client command-line format.

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Version 2.3.1

Git Client 2.3.1 adds these new features:

  • Support for Git 2.26.

  • Preserves file permissions on Linux for push, clone, pull, and fetch.

  • Minor defect fixes.

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Version 2.3

Git Client 2.3 adds these new features:

  • The fetch command now supports these options: --depth, --deepen, --shallow-since, --unshallow.

    Note: Not supported by the pull command.

  • Support for Common Access Card (CAC) on Linux.

  • Topic streams owned by users are automatically cloned.
  • List local Git branches and the Dimensions CM streams they map to.

  • By default, newly pushed branches are topic streams.
  • Specify the topic requests to use when pushing branches.
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Version 2.2

Git Client 2.2 adds these new features:

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