Displaying Requests and Customizing the Requests View

The Requests view displays all the requests in a project/stream in your current CM product.

If you use external requests, you can view requests from mapped providers along with native Dimensions CM requests.

For details on how to view and manage requests in the Requests view, see the Dimensions CM online help.

You can customize the columns displayed in the Requests view, and apply filters to the review list.


To customize the columns in the Requests view:

  1. To add a new column, right-click a column heading and select Column Chooser. In the Customization list, double-click a column type you want to be displayed.

  2. To remove a column, right-click the column's heading and select Hide This Column.

  3. To sort by a column, right-click the column's heading and select Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.

  4. To customize a column, click the Custom button at the top right of the column heading and select a value or category.


To apply custom filters to the request list:

  1. Right-click in any column heading and select Filter Editor.

  2. In the Filter Editor, do the following:

    1. To add a group, click any group title and select Add Group. You can add subgroups.

    2. To change a group’s filter type, select the group and select a filter.

    3. To add a condition to a group, click the plus sign +. For each condition specify:

    4. An attribute, for example, Action Date.

      An operator, for example, Equals.

      A custom value.

    5. To delete a condition, click the minus sign -.

  3. Click OK to save the filter.