Managing Attachments for Dimensions CM requests

You can manage attachments for Dimensions CM requests.

To manage a Dimensions CM request's attachments:

  1. In the Requests view, right-click a Dimensions CM request and select Attachments. The request opens with the Attachments tab active.

  2. Click the Add button. The New Attachment dialog box opens.

    TIP  You can drag and drop files from Windows Explorer onto the attachments list. The attachments are added with the following default description: Attachment created <Date> by <User_ID>

  3. In the Filename field, enter the full path to the file, or click the browse button to navigate to it.

  4. By default, the attached file retains its original name. To assign a new name to the attached file, enter the name in the Attach as field. This information will be displayed in the ID column.

  5. (Optional) Enter a description of the file in the Description field. By default, Dimensions CM adds the following description: Attachment created <Date> by <User_ID>

  6. Click OK. The information is displayed in the Attachments tab.

  7. A yellow sunburst is displayed on the paperclip icon of each new attachment. The location and name of the original file is displayed when you mouse over the sunburst icon.

  8. To add more files, repeat the earlier steps.

  9. Save your changes. The yellow sunburst disappears from the paperclip icon.

  10. (Optional) You can save a copy of an attached file to a local or network drive.