Opening and Editing Dimensions CM Requests

You can open and edit Dimensions CM requests.

External requests: To edit external requests, use the relevant request provider such as Micro Focus ALM Octane, Micro Focus SBM, or Atlassian Jira.


To edit a Dimensions CM request:

  1. Open Dimensions Explorer.

  2. In Dimensions Explorer, select Requests.

  3. In the Requests view, double-click a Dimensions CM request to open it. For details about working with requests in the Requests view, see the Dimensions CM online help.

    The following information is displayed:




    Request ID: The unique identifier of the request.

    Title: The title of the request. Edit the title as needed.

    State: The present state of the request.

    Phase: The present phase of the request.

    Originated by: The user name of the person who created the request.

    Description: Text describing the request. Edit the description as needed.



    The attributes and values for the request. You can update the attributes as needed.


    The comments associated with the request, and the history of comments.

    To add a new comment, enter the comment in the New Comment field and click Save changes.


    The actions that have been applied to the request.


    The files that are attached to the request, including filename, description, and size.

    You can add, remove, open, and save attachments.


    The users who are assigned to the request and those who could be assigned to the request in various roles and capabilities.

    You can modify delegations.

    Users and Roles

    The users who have the request in their inbox, and the users with roles assigned to them for the request, including the role, capability, and role type.


    The privileges of each user relative to the request, including any rules that have been applied.


    The items related to the request.

    You can add or remove item relationships.

    Template View

    A preview of the request information, as formatted by the template.