Dimensions CM 14.5 Release Notes

These release notes contain important information about Dimensions CM 14.5. Last updated March 20, 2019.

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About this Release

Dimensions CM 14.5 is the version that immediately follows 14.4. All of the features, changes, and fixes that were made in 14.4 are included in 14.5.

Dimensions CM 14.5 supports new installations. You do not need to install a previous version of Dimesnions CM before installing this version.

Helpful Links

Documentation: the most up to date CM 14.5 information including online help, all the documents in PDF format, and an archive going back to version 4.0.

Documentation Roadmap: a complete overview of the documentation to help you find the information you are looking for.

Dimensions CM Feature History: describes key feature enhancements in the major releases of Dimensions CM, starting with version 10.1.

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For specific Dimensions CM issues contact Support.

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Virtual Environment Support

Micro Focus recognizes that virtualization technology provides significant utility and value to our customers. As such, Micro Focus conducts functional testing and certifies our products using virtualization technology in addition to native environments. While Micro Focus expects that our products will function properly when running on supported platforms in a virtualized environment as well as a native environment, there may be functional and performance limitations. Micro Focus will not require customers to recreate and troubleshoot every issue in a non-virtualized environment, however there may be circumstances in which such action may be required. Micro Focus will only make this request when there is reason to believe that the virtualized environment is a contributing factor to the issue. If the issue cannot be reproduced in a supported non-virtualized environment, customers will need to refer their issues to their virtualization vendor.

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