Configure request providers

By default, Dimensions CM uses native requests for all streams and projects. You can add other request providers and use their issues and tasks along with Dimensions CM requests.

Supported providers and mappings

A request provider instance is a named definition for a particular installation of a provider. The instance is identified by its ID, name, and connection attributes.

Dimensions CM supports the following request providers:

Micro Focus ALM Octane See Add ALM Octane as a request provider.
Micro Focus SBM See Add SBM as a request provider.
Atlassian Jira See Configure Jira as a request provider.

You can use external requests from these providers in Dimensions CM clients and integrations, such as the web client, desktop client, Visual Studio IDE, and Eclipse IDE.

You can map request providers to:

  • All streams and projects in your base database.

  • Specific products, which applies to all streams and projects in these products.

  • Specific streams and projects in a product.

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Guidelines and behaviors

Review these guidelines before connecting and mapping request providers:

  • Dimensions CM supports the federated use of requests. You can work with different request providers in the same Dimensions CM database.

    For example, you can have Jira issues, ALM Octane work items, and native Dimensions CM requests mapped to the same or different projects/streams in your database.

  • You can connect multiple providers of the same type, for example, multiple SBM instances or ALM Octane workspaces.

  • You can map projects/streams to request providers and vice versa.

  • Topic streams inherit mappings from their parent project/streams. If a topic stream is not based on a project/stream, it is available for mapping.

  • You need administration privileges to set up request providers in the Administration Console.

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Review the limitations that apply to using external requests in Dimensions CM.

These Dimensions CM features are not available for external requests:

  • Deployment tools

  • Dimensions Build

  • Reports

  • Desktop client: Filter sets

Other limitations:

  • You can relate external requests only to the following Dimensions CM objects:

    Web client / desktop client Baselines, items, and projects/streams
    Visual Studio IDE Items only
    Eclipse IDE Baselines, items, and projects/streams
  • You cannot create, edit, action, delegate, or remove external requests in Dimensions CM. Perform these tasks in the relevant request provider instance.

  • The following dmcli commands do not work with external requests:

    For details, see Command-line reference.

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