Dimensions CM Explorer

The Eclipse integration includes editors, views, and perspectives that are unique to the integration. The main view to access Dimensions CM objects is Dimensions CM Explorer, which contains a tree view of the projects, streams, and baselines.

Open Dimensions CM Explorer

To open Dimensions CM Explorer, either launch the view within your current perspective or use the Dimensions CM perspective included with the Eclipse integration.

The default perspective displays the Dimensions CM Explorer view in the left navigation pane and the Properties view in the pane on the lower right.

To open Dimensions CM Explorer:

  1. To open the Dimensions CM Explorer perspective, navigate to Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Other.

  2. In the Open Perspective dialog box, select Dimensions CM, and click Open.

  3. To display the Dimensions CM Explorer view within another perspective:

    1. Select the area on the workbench to display the Dimensions CM Explorer view.

    2. From the workbench Window menu, select Show View > Other. The Show View dialog box opens.

    3. Expand the Dimensions folder, select Dimensions CM Explorer, and click Open.

    The Dimensions CM Explorer pane opens in the workbench window with the Dimensions CM node collapsed.

  4. After opening a connection to a server, you can browse a hierarchy of Dimensions CM objects that you are authorized to use. Click the plus or minus symbols to expand or collapse a node in the hierarchy.

To hide the Dimensions CM Explorer view, click the Close button in the upper right corner of the Dimensions CM Explorer pane. This frees workbench window space to display your code or perform other development tasks.

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Find objects

From Dimensions CM Explorer, you can search for requests, projects, streams, baselines, and items.

To search for objects:

  1. In Dimensions CM Explorer, right-click a node and select Find > <object>. The Selection wizard opens.

  2. Enter your search criteria and click Next to view the results.

  3. In the results panel, select one or more objects that match the search criteria.

  4. Click Finish to view the results in the appropriate editor.

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Open Dimensions CM deployment

Dimensions CM deployment is the default deployment model in Dimensions CM.

To access Dimensions CM deployment:

  • In Dimensions CM Explorer, right-click a Dimensions CM connection, and select Deployment Views.

  • In the Dimensions menu, select Deployment Views.

Dimensions CM deployment views open in a web browser.

For details about Dimensions CM deployment, see Use Dimensions deployment.

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