Use projects/streams and share work areas

Your organization needs to choose the appropriate model before adding Eclipse projects to source control and rolling it out to developers.

Use Dimensions CM projects or streams

To work with your Eclipse projects, you can use Dimensions CM projects or streams:

Dimensions CM projects Use Dimensions CM projects to explicitly check files out and in when working on them. Projects may be most useful for teams for whom more cautious day to day version management is critical. For example, this may include large teams whose members work concurrently on the same files, or teams working on the main line of development for a product. For details, see About projects.
Dimensions CM streams

Use Dimensions CM streams to manage parallel development efforts that do not require explicit file checkout.

Streams enable teams working on parallel lines of code to work in a more agile fashion to build and deliver patches and maintenance releases without having to continuously reconcile against the main lines of development.

For details, see About streams.

For details about topic streams and pull requests, including examples and scenarios, see Topic streams and pull requests.

To work with streams:

  • You need to ensure that all users have added the stream to their local workspace. For details, see Add projects to your workspace.

  • As users update local files, they synchronize with the repository to update and merge Repository changes or deliver new or changed local files. For details, see Synchronize with a Dimensions CM repository.

  • Then, to fetch any changes from the repository to the local workspace, users should regularly update their projects. For details, see Update a workspace.

Dimensions CM project containers Use Eclipse project containers to group multiple Eclipse projects under a common Dimensions CM project. For details, see Use Eclipse project containers.

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Share work areas with other Dimensions CM clients

When you add Eclipse projects from Dimensions CM to Eclipse, you can define a work area outside your Eclipse workspace location. This area is compatible with all Dimensions CM clients. You can open the same project in the desktop client or Windows Explorer, and update and check in updates from one common working location. This also applies when sharing a local Eclipse project that is located outside your workspace. You can define work areas that can be shared by other clients.

Even if you have previously set up Eclipse projects with work areas under the Eclipse workspace, you can use these projects with a shared work area.

Dimensions CM provides an auto-sharing feature that enables you to get existing Eclipse projects and then import them into Eclipse.

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