Work with reviews and pull requests

(Available for 1.3 and later) You can view reviews and pull requests for the current Dimensions CM stream and open them in PulseUno in your default browser.

When reviews and pull requests are created they automatically appear in the Dimensions Git Reviews view.

Reviews enable you to comment on, and review, the changes in your development projects. The following review types are displayed:

  • In Review
  • Approved
  • Returned

Pull requests are a special type of review that you use to evaluate and merge a set of defined changes, typically in a topic stream.

  1. From the Windows menu select Show View > Other... > Dimensions (Git) > Reviews.
  2. Click Open.

    Tip: If reviews and pull requests are not displayed, in the Git Repositories panel double-click the stream name.

  3. To open a review or pull request, select it, and on the right of the Reviews title bar click Open Review. The item opens in PulseUno. For details, see the PulseUno help.
  4. To search, in the Find review field on the title bar starting typing a string. As you type, objects that match are displayed.

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