Commit changes

This topic describes how to commit changes to a Git repository and relate Dimensions CM requests to commits.

To commit changes:

  1. On the Activity bar, select Source Control. The Source Control view is displayed on the Side Bar and has these sections:
    • Source Control: displays a list all the files in the Git main branch that have been modified, added, and deleted.
    • Dimensions Requests: displays all the inbox requests for the current Dimensions CM product.
  2. (Optional) In the Source Control section, add a commit message.
  3. To relate a request to a commit:
    1. Expand Dimensions Requests.
    2. Select the request and click Add Request to Commit Message. The request ID is added to the commit message.
  4. To commit the changes, on the Source Control section title bar, do one of the following:

    • Click Commit.

    • Click More Actions (...) and select an action, for example, Commit Staged.

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