Clone streams using Dimensions Clone

You can use the Dimensions Clone command to clone a Dimensions CM stream.

Configure repository connections

Before cloning, optionally configure a connection to a Dimensions CM repository.

  1. From the Views menu select Extensions.
  2. In the Dimensions CM Git Client for VS Code extension select Manage > Extension Settings.
  3. In the Connection String field enter the URL of a Dimensions CM server in this format:

http://server:[port number]/databasename@connection/product/stream/

For example:


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Clone streams

To clone a stream using the Dimensions Clone command:

  1. Select View > Command Palette.
  2. Enter Dimensions and select the command Dimensions Clone. If you previously specified a connection to Dimensions CM, Visual Studio Code automatically connects to the server.

    Tip: To connect to a different CM repository, enter the command Use other connection and enter a connection string.

  3. If prompted, select a Dimensions CM product and stream.
  4. In the Select Folder dialog box, select the location where to clone the stream.
  5. Click Select Repository Location. Visual Studio Code runs the clone command and the stream is cloned to the location you selected.
  6. Click Open to view the contents of the cloned stream.

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