Create topic and normal branches

This topic describes how to create topic and normal branches. Topic branches use pull requests for reviewing and merging changes. When you push changes to Dimensions CM, topic or normal streams are created.

To create topic and normal branches:

  1. From the View menu select Team Explorer.
  2. Connect to a Dimensions CM repository.
  3. On the Home view click Branches. The Branches view opens.
  4. Click New Branch and select Topic Branch or Normal Branch.
  5. If you are creating a topic branch, select the request in your inbox on which to base the topic branch. To remove the request, right-click and select Remove. To display the request in an embedded browser window, right-click and select Open.
  6. By default, the topic branch has the same name as the request. You can edit the name if required.
  7. Select the main branch or any other branch on which to base the new branch. A topic branch cannot be pushed to a Dimensions CM stream if it was created from another topic branch.
  8. Optionally, check out the new branch after it is created.
  9. Click Create Branch.

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