Work with requests

This topic describes how to work with requests. You can:

  • (Available for 1.3 and later) Display inbox requests for the current Dimensions CM stream.
  • Open requests in PulseUno inside Visual Studio.
  • Relate requests to changes.
  • Commit changes to a repository.

Display and open requests

To display an open request:

  1. From the View menu, select Team Explorer.
  2. Open the Dimensions CM repository that contains the changes.
  3. Click Changes and expand Dimensions Requests.
  4. The Dimensions Requests section displays the requests in your inbox. You can:
    • Sort and filter the requests.
    • Display all requests in the stream. This is useful when you want to start work on a request that is not in your inbox. To display all requests click More requests.
    • Search for requests.
  5. To open a request, right-click it, and select Open in Pulse.

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Relate requests and commit changes to a repository

  1. Open the Dimensions Requests window.
  2. Find the request that you want to relate to the change and double click it. The request ID is added to the commit box.
  3. Optionally add a commit message.
  4. To push changes to the repository, select an option from the Commit list.

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