Dimensions CM–RM integration prerequisites

Before you set up the Dimensions CM–RM associations, ensure that the following prerequisites are fulfilled:

  • Both Dimensions CM and Dimensions RM are installed and both are at compatible release levels.

  • A Dimensions CM desktop client is installed on the Dimensions RM web server machine.

  • For certain installations (see the Dimensions RM Installation Guide) we recommend that Dimensions RM databases have exclusive use of their own Oracle instance. In those circumstances, if you are using Dimensions CM against an Oracle RDBMS, make sure that it does not share the same Oracle instance with Dimensions RM.

  • Before you begin to establish any of the Dimensions RM to Dimensions CM associations, you need to edit the rmcm.xml configuration file on the Dimensions RM web server to include the URL of the Dimensions CM server.

    To edit the Dimensions RM rmcm.xml configuration file:

    1.  On the Dimensions RM web server machine, navigate to: 


    2. Open the following configuration file in a text editor: rmcm.xml

      This file has the following section:

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             <!--  CMServer url="http://localhost:8080"   -->
             <CMServer url="" />
    3. Update the Dimensions CM URL with the correct URL for the Dimensions CM server. If Dimensions CM is installed on the same machine as the Dimensions RM web server and with the default port 8080, the commented out URL on the preceding line is the appropriate URL.

Conversely, to enable Dimensions RM users to look at Dimensions CM requests, after the prerequisites have been completed, as a Dimensions CM user, you must associate Dimensions RM requirements to Dimensions CM requests.

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