Action Request dialog box

Use this dialog box to action a request to a new lifecycle state.

Field Description Rules and guidelines


The specification of the request.

Display only.

Current Status

The current status of the request.

Display only.

Current Phase

The current phase of the request.

Display only.

New Status

Select one of the following:

  • Next Status: select a valid state.

  • All statuses: select a lifecycle state from the list.

The appropriate privilege is required to action to a state that is not a valid next state.

Modify Request attributes page

Select a role and then attribute types and values. Required attributes are shown in bold.

Add a comment page

Enter an optional comment.

Delegate to other users page

To delegate the request to another user:

  1. From the Select the role to delegate list select a role.

  2. From the Users section select Primary, Secondary, or Leader.

  3. Move required user(s) from the Available users list to the Assigned users list.

  4. To delegate items that are related to the request, select Delegate related items. See Delegate Dimensions CM requests for details.

Summary page

Review the details of the action to be performed.

Click Finish action the request.

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