Attach files to Dimensions CM requests

Attach files to include documents with information on the Dimensions CM request.

PRIVILEGES: Update Request Attachments.

The request must be owned by your site.

To attach one or more files to a request:

  1. In the desktop client, open a list of requests and select one or more requests. See Select Dimensions CM requests.

  2. Select Request > Edit > Edit Attachments.

  3. In the Edit Attachment List dialog box, click Add, or double-click the first empty cell in the Filename column. Enter a filename, or browse to find the file.

    Tip: You can drag and drop files from Windows Explorer.

  4. (Optional) Double-click in the Description field, and enter a description for the attachment. By default, Dimensions CM adds the following description:

    Attachment created <date> by <user ID>

  5. To add another attachment, repeat earlier steps.

  6. Click OK.

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