Open Dimensions CM request lists

To view Dimensions CM requests in the desktop client, you can open request lists based on your selection criteria.

If you are using requests from other request providers, see Manage requests in the desktop client.

To open a Dimensions CM request list:

  1. If you use Dimensions CM requests only, select File > Open > All Requests.

    If you have other request providers, select File > Open > Requests > Dimensions CM.

    The Open Requests dialog box opens.

  2. In the Request Lists tab, select which list to open.

    Field Description


    Select the product whose requests you want to view.

    To view all products, select the empty entry at the top of the list.


    Select the request types that you want to view.

    To view all types, select the empty entry at the top of the list.

    If you choose to view all products (the Product field is blank), you cannot select a request type.


    Select from the following options:

    • Catalog Lists includes active registered requests to which you have access and which match the Product and Type criteria.

    • Secondary Lists includes requests placed in the Secondary Catalog.

    • Draft Lists includes all requests that you originated and kept as draft.

    Request List

    If you have any request lists, select a request list.

    For details on how to create request lists, see Create and manage request lists.

  3. To filter the list, select the Request Filter tab and specify the following options:

    Field Description
    Request ID

    Enter a filter string consisting of a request ID. Use a percent sign (%) as a wildcard character.

    For multiple requests, enter request IDs separated by commas.

    Filter binoculars_with_arrow.gif Click the filter button to search for requests that match your filter string. The results are displayed as a list.
    Reset Selection Clear all selected items in the list if needed.
    Open Filter Select to open all the requests in the list.
    Open Selected Select to open only those requests that you selected in the list.
  4. Click OK.

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