Find objects

You can search for objects using the Find command. When viewing the findings in a content window, you can select them and perform tasks on them. If you frequently perform a particular search, save the search criteria as a filter to run it at any time.

You can also search for items using specific words contained in an item revision. For more information, see Search and replace text in items.

You can create reports. Reports enable you to specify selection criteria that can include boolean operators. For more information, see Create or modify a report.

To find an object:

  1. Select Edit | Find, and select the type of object. For example, to search for an item, select Edit | Find | Item.

  2. In the Find dialog box, select criteria to limit the number of objects found. For more information about the criteria on each tab, click the Help button in the dialog box.

    Tip: To quickly search for all objects of a particular type, click the Find Now tab without setting any criteria.

  3. To view the list of objects that meet your search criteria, click the Find Now tab.

  4. On the Find Now tab, select one or more objects.

  5. To view the selected objects in a content window, click Open.

  6. To close the Find dialog box, click the Close button.

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