Options tab (Find Request dialog box)

In the Options tab of the Find Request dialog box, you limit a search by specifying the lifecycle status or the user role for an object.

Options tab

Field Description Rules and guidelines


Select the lifecycle status of the objects to find.



Select the work phase of the objects to find.



Select the originator of the objects to find.


User Name

Select the user who created the object.


Is in Inbox

Select to find objects based on whether they are in a user's inbox.

This option has three states:

Finds objects that are in a user's inbox.

Finds objects that are not in a user's inboxes.

Finds all objects.


Select a username to search the user's inbox.

Available only if you have selected the Is in inbox option.


Select Primary, Secondary, or Leader to search the Inboxes of users with that role capability. Select Ignore Capability to disregard role capabilities.



Select this option to restrict the search to held/draft requests.


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