About viewing Dimensions CM attributes in Windows Explorer

You can view certain Dimensions CM attributes in Windows Explorer when you select View | Details for the Explorer window. Right-click one of the column headings and select More. Then select the additional columns you want to display.

You can select the following Dimensions CM-related file properties:

Metadata column



The item revision number.

Change Type

Displays the type of change that has occurred between the work area compared to the repository.

Item Status

The status of the item when the metadata was updated.

Note This is not a real-time value. If the item status has been updated in the repository since the file was fetched, this will not be reflected in this column.

Original Filename

If the file has been renamed or moved the original path and filename is displayed.

Note:  If the file is renamed or moved when synchronized, the original history is not lost. This unique feature uses the Explorer facility to track moves and renames in order to keep track of the file relative to its original location within the project. This information is used by the Synchronize wizard to offer a single rename event to the user that preserves original history of an item as opposed to the traditional way of tracking as two separate deletion and addition events where originating item history would be broken.

Note: There is a Microsoft Explorer property called Dimensions. This is will give the height and width in pixels for some non-text files and is nothing to do with Dimensions CM.