Merge a Baseline into a Stream wizard

This wizard helps you merge changes from a baseline into a target stream. Merge uses a work area to apply changes and process conflicts. This enables you to safely merge, build, and test before delivering the merge results to a target stream in a repository.



Rules and Guidelines

Merge changes from this baseline

Displays the baseline that will be the source for the merge. To select a different baseline, do one of the following:

  • Click Select and use the Select Baseline dialog box to select a product and baseline.

  • Enter the baseline ID in this format:



Merge changes into this target stream

Displays the target stream for the merge. To select a different stream do one of the following:

  • Click Select and select one of the options in the Select Stream dialog box. If you select Another stream do one of the following:

  • Start typing the ID of a stream. Streams that contain any characters in the string are displayed. For example, to find ’QLARIUS:VS_BRANCHA’ type ’vs’.

  • Select a stream from the list. Favorite streams and recently used streams are displayed at the top.

Click OK.

  • Enter the stream ID in this format:


    For example:


You can only merge into the latest version of the target stream.

Merge using this work area

Select the work area where the merge will be performed or enter its path.


Perform an interactive merge

Interactively review the merge results before applying them to the work area.


Limit the scope of the merge to this folder

Restrict the scope of the merge to a specific folder and its subfolders. Browse to a folder or enter its path.

If you invoked the Merge wizard from a subfolder its path is displayed.


Click to display more options.


Include repository file

Enter an expression to only include specific file types in the merge.

  • * is a wildcard character that matches any number of characters.

  • ? matches any single character.

  • | joins or concatenates multiple expressions.

  • \ is a separator for folders and directories (Windows and UNIX).

Exclude repository file

Enter an expression to exclude specific file types from the merge

See above

Apply repository date and time

Apply the repository date and time to the files in the work area.


Auto merge non-conflicting file content

Automatically merge files whose content does not conflict. You can also select a default character set that is used to transcode Unicode files before merging.



Click to perform an automatic non-interactive merge.



Click to perform a manual interactive merge.


If you cleared interactive merge and there are no conflicts the merge completes successfully. If there are conflicts, or you selected interactive merge, the Review Changes page is displayed. Review the list of conflicts and select a resolution for each one.

After the merge has completed successfully you will be prompted to deliver the files to the repository.

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