Merge changes related to a request from another stream

Merging requests across streams enables you to merge changes associated only with specific requests. This is easier than invoking a full stream merge and then manually selecting files and folders to be ignored.

In the example below a bug fix in a child stream is required in the mainline stream. All the files that were modified are related to a single request, Request_2.


  1. Populate an empty work area with the content of the mainline stream using the Get operation.

  2. Open the Merge wizard and select Merge change requests from another stream. Click Next.

  3. In the Merge changes from the requests dialog box, enter the request ID or click Select and use the wizard to find and select Request_2.


  4. Select other merge options as required and click Merge.

  5. After the merge into the mainline work area has completed successfully, optionally click Deliver to commit the changes to the repository.

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