Use a custom file merge tool

You can use a custom file merge tool for automatic and manual merge.

Manual merge

Note: Not available in the Eclipse integration.

In the desktop client, Araxis Merge is the default tool when you invoke a manual file merge from the Merge wizard.

You can configure your own tool for manual merge, and set it as the default. For details, see the configuring the default merge tools section in Administration.

Tip: Use a three-way file merge tool so that you can see local and repository revisions, and the common ancestor, when you select changes to apply to the merge target.

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Automatic merge

Note: Available in the desktop client and the Windows Explorer and Visual Studio integrations.

The default automatic merge tool is the GNU cross-platform diff utility.

You can also specify a different merge tool: in your client (or an agent for remote work areas), edit the %DM_ROOT%\Prog\dmdiff.cmd file, or the corresponding SH file on Linux to invoke your preferred automatic merge tool.

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