Create a release

Create a snapshot of a product configuration or a baseline that you can use, for example, to package and ship to a customer, or use in integration testing.

If you are creating a release on a z/OS mainframe node, Dimensions CM automatically creates the target data sets, and you do not have to pre-allocate them. However, it is worth noting the target location so that you know where the files are stored.

PRIVILEGES: Create Release.

If the baseline for the release includes items that do not belong to the product, you might need additional privileges.

Ensure that you have permissions to create the directories on the workstation or server where Dimensions will create the directories.

To create a release:

  1. Select the baseline from which you want to create the release.

    Note: If you select multiple baselines, the first baseline in the list is used.

  2. Select File | New | Release.

  3. In the New Release dialog box, check that the correct baseline is displayed in Baseline to be Released. If necessary, click Browse and select a baseline.

  4. If this is a delta release, select the Delta Release check box, and for Previous Release, type the release name.

  5. For Release ID, enter a name for the release. The name must be unique within the product. Dimensions CM does not record variants, versions, or revisions for a release, therefore make the name as specific as possible. For example:

    Release for USA

  6. If applicable, from the Release Template ID list, select a template. Your administrator creates release templates in the Administration Console.

  7. For Release Directory, do one of the following:

    • To select a release directory, click the Browse button.

    • To use the current project/stream directory, leave this field blank.

  8. (Optional) for Description, add a description of the release.

  9. Click the Create button. You can view the progress of the operation in the Console window. Dimensions CM sends an email notifying you when the operation is completed.

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