Create reports

You can create a report in the desktop client.

To create a report:

  1. In the desktop client, navigate to View > Reports and Lists.

  2. In the Reports and Lists window, right-click My Reports or Public Reports, select New, and from the list select an object class report to create, for example, Items Report, Requests Report, or Baselines Report.

    If a report of the appropriate object class has already been created, you can right-click that object class tree node (which groups all currently existing reports of that object class) and select New <object class>s Report (for example, New Items Report).

    Note: Because the desktop client supports more object classes for reports than the web client, certain object class reports created in the desktop client may not be visible in the web client.

  3. In the Report Builder dialog box, set up the report generation criteria and click the Run button to generate a preview of the client report. The generated preview report will be displayed in a standard right-hand desktop client view, inheriting the functionality such views afford.

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