Drill down into a client report

In the desktop client, you can drill down into a client report.

Client reports may end up displaying large amounts of data, and displaying everything in one report is not always the clearest way to present the information. For all types of reports except simple listing reports, the desktop client first creates a top-level report that displays only summarized data. Certain areas on these summary reports are mouse-sensitive, allowing you to drill down to see underlying data. This is the concept of a drilldown report.

Drilldown reporting also makes reports highly interactive by enabling you to zoom in from a more general view of a business perspective to a more granular one at a simple click of the mouse.

An example of a top-level bar chart report is shown below:


After you drill down, the object class report entries (for example, the Dimensions CM items contained in the report) for the underlying data will be displayed in the desktop client main display content window, as for a listing report.

After the report object class contents, for example, items, populate a main display content window, all the normal desktop client operations, such as item check out and check in, are available.

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