Test run reports

Click the Run button to generate a preview of the client report based on the choices you made. The generated preview report will be displayed in a standard right-hand desktop client view (inheriting the functionality such views afford).

An example of a preview report is shown below. The highlighted area contains the toolbar buttons used to save the preview report, edit the preview report if you wish to make changes to it prior to saving it, export the preview report to a file, or in a preview report.

The preview displays the client report or summary report that will be generated based on the choices you made when setting up the report. SeeDrill down into a client report.

If you are satisfied with the preview of the report, click Save. The report will be added the left-hand Reports and Lists navigation pane.

To refine your report, click Edit. For details, seeSet up reports.

To export the report in various formats, click Export. The formats into which you can save the report depend on the report type, but comprise in total:

  • Comma separated variables (CSV) suitable for importing into other tools.

  • BMP image file.

For details, seeExport a client report.

To select all the objects in the report, click Select All.

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