Open streams and select work areas

When you log in, the desktop client automatically opens the default stream. You can open multiple streams and select a different default. If you have not specified a work area, you are prompted to do so the first time you open a stream.

The following user defaults are stored for each stream that you have previously opened:

Work area The location for items that you update from the repository, modify, and deliver back to CM.
Request Related In Response To new item revisions you create in this stream.
Design part The owning design part for any new items that you create in this stream.
Branch The branch where new item revisions are created.
Library cache area Used to improve performance over wide area networks.

To open a stream:

  1. Log in to the desktop client.

  2. From the Stream menu, select Open Stream.

  3. In the Stream field do one of the following:

    • Start typing the ID of a stream. Streams that contain any characters in the string are displayed. For example, to find QLARIUS:VS_BRANCHA, type vs.

    • Select a stream from the list. Favorite streams and recently used streams are displayed at the top.

      Tip: To add a stream to your favorites, in the Recents or All sections of the list mouse over a stream and click the icon to the right. To remove a stream from the Favorites section, click the same icon.

    • Click Find and search for a stream.

  4. In the Work area field do one of the following:

    • Enter the name of an area.

    • Select an area from the list.

    • Click Find and search for a folder.

  5. (Optional) Make these the default stream and work area. The default stream is automatically opened when you log in.

  6. Click Open.

To set a work area:

  1. Select Stream > Set Work Area.

    Or in the Context toolbar, in the Work Area field, click Set Work Area.

  2. In the Change Work Area for Stream dialog box, do one of the following:

    • Select a Dimensions CM work area from the list.

    • Click Find, browse for a folder, and click Select.

    • Enter the path name of a folder.

    If the folder is on your local computer, enter a full pathname. For example, to use the payroll folder on the C:\ drive of a Windows computer, enter: c:\payroll.

    If the folder is on a remote node, begin the pathname with the node name followed by two colons (::). For example, to use the payroll directory on the UNIX node HOST1, enter: HOST1::/payroll.

    Note: Do not set the work area to the top-level of the drive on your machine, for example, C:\.

  3. Click OK.

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