Action wizard

Use this wizard to move one or more Dimensions CM requests, items, baselines, or project/streams to a new lifecycle state.

If the items are being actioned to a lifecycle state that is associated with a stage in the Global Stage Lifecycle, they will also be promoted to that stage, and if there are any default areas associated with the project/stream, the item files will automatically be deployed to those areas.

Use the Select Lifecycle State page to specify the lifecycle state you want to action the object to.

For a single object, use the Attributes tab/page to view and change the objectdefined attributes.

Use theAdd a Comment page to include an optional comment for the action.

Use the Delegate to Other Users page to delegate the selected object(s) to other users, assign other users a role on the object(s) or remove previously delegated users.

Use the Summary page (Action wizard) to view a summary of the actions.

Select Lifecycle State page

Field Description Rules and guidelines


The specification of the object.

Display only.

Current status

Shows the current state.

Display only.

Current phase

Shows the current phase.

Display only.

New status

Select this option to action the object to a normal next state and select the next state from the list.

For single objects only.

Only valid next states are shown.

All statuses

Select this option if you want to action the object to any other state and select a state from the list.

  • For single objects only.

  • You will need the necessary privilege to action to one of these states.

Action to

Select Next Normal State, or select Named State and enter a state.

For multiple objects only.

Show lifecycle

Click to see an image of the lifecycle.

For single objects only.

This image must be created by your Dimensions CM Administrator.


Click to move to the second page of the wizard.



Click to action the object(s) without filling in any more pages.


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