Tip Conflicts dialog box

Use this dialog box to specify what action to take when you are checking in an item and there are other revisions that need to be merged with it. You will then be presented with the default merge tool, and on completion the specified action will be taken.

This dialog box is displayed if you have not previously selected Don’t show this message again in this dialog box, and:

  • Your administrator has set the option DM_DISABLE_BRANCH_CHECKINS in the DM.CFG file for the Dimensions CM server. For details, see the Administration Guide.


  • You have set the option Check for tip conflicts when checking-in or updating items in Tools | Preferences | Tip Conflict Options.

Field Description Rules and guidelines

Merge my changes and check in now.

Select this option to invoke the Serena Merge Tool and for the merged file(s) to be saved to a temporary file, and for the temporary file to be used for the check in after completing the merge.


Update my workfile content after merging.

Select this option to overwrite the files in your work area with the merged files after checking them in.

If this option is not set, the files in your work area will remain as they were before the check in/revise and the temporary file will be discarded once the check in is complete.

Only enabled if you have selected Merge my changes and check in now.

Merge with my workfiles and check-in later

Select this option to only have the merged file overwrite the file in your work area but not be checked in.

If you attempt to check in or revise the file later, the local metatada will have recorded that a merge was performed. Dimensions CM will check whether there have been any subsequent changes in the repository, and if not, and check in or revise the merged file (without invoking the default merge tool). If there have been changes in the repository, the Serena Merge Tool will be invoked.


Do not perform an interactive merge but check-in my changes as the tip

Select this option to check in the file from your work area as the tip revision without displaying the Serena Merge Tool.


Ignore the conflict and continue with the check-in

Select this option to check in the file from your work area as a branch revision without displaying the Serena Merge Tool.

This option does not appear if your administrator has set the symbol DM_DISABLE_BRANCH_CHECKINS in the DM.CFG file. For details, see Administration.

Don’t show this message again; always assume my current selection (this can be changed from the Preferences dialog)

Select this option to prevent this dialog from subsequently being displayed. (You can still change the Tip Conflicts options via Tools | Preferences.)


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