New Stream wizard

Use this wizard to create a new stream.

Use the General page (see below) to specify the name and type of the new stream.

Use the New Stream wizard Based-on page to specify what the stream is to be based on.

See Attributes tab/page for how to change the user-defined attributes.

Use the Summary page to check the details of the stream you are creating and confirm the creation.

General page

Field Description Rules and guidelines


Select the product in which to create the new stream.

The default is the product ID of your current product.

Stream Name

Enter a name for the new stream.


Unique branch name

Enter a name for the branch to be used for new item revisions created in the stream.



Enter a description for the new stream.


Open using work area

Select if you want the new stream to be opened when the wizard completes.

Select a work area.

Add the new stream to my favorites

Adds the stream to your list of Favorites.

Favorites are preserved across all clients except the web client.

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