New Stream wizard Based-on page

Use this page of the New Stream wizard to choose what the new stream is to be based on.

Based-on page

Field Description Rules and guidelines

Nothing (empty stream)

Select this option if you want to create an empty stream and add items later.


Based on another stream

Select this option if you want the new stream to be populated with the item revisions from an existing stream.

Accept the default stream or enter the name of a stream. To find a stream click Select, select Another stream, and do one of the following:

  • Start typing the ID of a stream. Streams that contain any characters in the string are displayed. For example, to find ’QLARIUS:VS_BRANCHA’ type ’vs’.

  • Select a stream from the list. Favorite streams and recently used streams are displayed at the top.

Optionally select a version of this stream on which to base the new stream.

Click OK.

Note: The new stream inherits all the revisions from the parent stream.

Copy build configuration

Select this option if you want the build configuration from the Based on stream to be copied to the new stream.


Based on a Baseline

Select this option if you want to populate the stream using the items from a baseline.

Select a baseline from the list.

Valid request must be specified when delivering changes

Select this option if you want the user to be required to enter a request when making changes to item revisions in the stream.


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