Request Selection wizard

Use the Request Selection wizard to select a Dimensions CM request.

On the wizard's first page, enter the selection criteria.

Field Description


Select a product from the list.


Select a request type from the list.


Enter a filter string to match the titles of Dimensions CM requests.

You can use wildcards:

  • Use an underscore (_) to match one character. For example, d_g matches dog or dig.

  • Use a percent sign (%) to match any number of characters. For example, d%g matches dog or drag or dreaming.

Request ID

Enter a value to filter the Dimensions CM request IDs to be selected.

You can use wildcards, as in the Title field.


Enter the originator of the Dimensions CM request.

You can use wildcards, as in the Title field.


Enter the request status, or a value to filter based on status.


Select this option to search for requests only in your inbox.


Select this option to search for all requests matching the selection criteria.


Eclipse or an IDE that uses a working list: Use this option to select only the requests from your working list.

On the wizard's next page, select one or more requests from the list.

Field Description
Request ID The request ID.
Title The title of the request.
Creation Date The creation date of the request.

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