Select requests to relate to changes

In the Synchronize wizard, you can browse and select requests to relate to changes made to the project or stream in the repository.

The dialog box depends on whether you are using Dimensions CM requests or external requests.

Select requests (Dimensions CM requests only)

If you work only with Dimensions CM requests, use this method to select requests to relate.

To select a request to relate when using Dimensions CM requests only:

  1. Click the browse button. The Request Selection wizard opens.

  2. Enter selection criteria for the requests you are looking for. Optionally:

    • Select a product from the list.

    • Select a request type from the Type list.

    • Enter a filter string to match the Title, Request ID, Originator, or Status of Dimensions CM requests.

      You can use wildcards. An underscore (_) matches one character. A percent sign (%) matches any number of characters.

  3. To filter the list of requests to contain only those in your inbox, select Pending.

    If you are using an IDE and want to select a request from your favorites, select In Favorites.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Select the requests and click Finish.

Select requests (different providers)

If you work with requests from different request providers, use this method to select requests to relate.

To select a request to relate when using multiple request providers:

  1. Click the browse button. The Select Request(s) dialog box opens.

  2. Use the toolbar to find requests:

    Action Description
    Search requests by title. In the search field, enter a text string to match a request's title.
    Select from your favorite requests. Click Favorites .
    Filter requests by provider. Click Select request provider and select a provider from the list.
    Filter requests by type.

    Click Filter , choose a provider instance, and select a request type, for example, User Stories. Repeat to select more request types.

    By default, all request types are selected. To clear the default selection, click Filter > Select none.

    Note: External request types are defined in your provider instance.

    Search for requests based on advanced search criteria.

    Click Advanced search and select a request provider.

    For Dimensions CM requests, see Find Dimensions CM requests.

    For external requests, see Find external requests.

  3. Select one or more requests.

  4. Click Select.

For more options when opening and selecting requests, see Manage requests in the desktop client.

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